The Supply Chain Transformation Specialists

As supply chains become evermore extended and diverse in terms of their theatres of operation, so Supply Chain Security has become an increasingly hot topic.

In the last decade, government regulation of border security has increased exponentially through global programmes such as C-TPAT in the US and the complimentary AEO programme in the EU.

At the same, direct importing retailers have become far more conscious of the brand damage and negative publicity as well as the more immediate P&L impact of a security problem in their Supply Chain and are increasingly developing their own global supply chain security programmes.

We have significant first hand experience in this area; having supported factory security programmes in origin, delivered AEO / C-TPAT compliant arrangements for origin logistics, international and domestic transportation and led an AEO accreditation project for a major retailer. As such we are well placed to support you in developing and delivering your global supply chain security programme.