The Supply Chain Transformation Specialists

Modern supply chains are often stretched to breaking point, spanning the globe in terms of reach, with lead times that leave little room for error, and routed through facilities operating at or close to capacity, whilst expectations in terms of service reliability have never been higher.

At the same time the potential sources of disruption have multiplied, from natural disasters, major incidents, accidents or acts of terror to the more mundane industrial disputes or bad weather.

Having a well thought out plan for supply chain resilience has therefore never been more important, combining both designed resilience by removing single points of failure, with a set of flexible and actionable contingency plans, a framework for managing major incidents as they occur and first class forward visibility to spot emerging issues.

We have the front line experience to support your business in this area, gained through developing, testing and using supply chain contingency programmes in some of the biggest and most complex of global supply chains.