The Supply Chain Transformation Specialists

Global on-line sales are forecast to exceed $USD1trillion by the end of 2013, with sales in China alone forecast to be over $USD 200billion; representing 6% of retail sales in that market.

Mobile computing devices mean that increasingly the on-line customer can be shopping anytime anywhere; technology, convenience and ever improving delivery services will continue to fuel exponential growth of this channel.

No retailer can afford to ignore eCommerce yet it is often highly disruptive to their supply chain model. Key challenges include massive range expansion, separate sourcing and buying organisations, the balance between cost and service, and getting the flow of information right.

Through our front line experience with both multi channel and pure play eCommerce retailers, operating both domestically and internationally, we understand the challenges and can help you negotiate a path through this complexity to find the optimum supply chain model, from sourcing and merchandise planning through to DC and delivery network design.