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Our Testimonials

Simon is the consummate retail supply chain specialist.  He has the ability to engage with complex business challenges, digest them into their components and rebuild into a compelling solution.  Simon’s way of simply articulating these complexities and the future opportunity always ensures that both the supply chain team and non-supply chain functions are advocates from the beginning of any change.

Dean Bauer , Supply Chain Executive, Makro South Africa
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Simon's unique insight into rapidly evolving grocery supply chains, and the pivotal role that logistics service specialists such as NFT bring to transforming performance, has been instrumental to the shaping of our much broader and deeper customer offer across all market participants.

David Frankish, Chief Executive, NFT Distribution
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Simon has been invaluable to me in helping MGF to review its logistics needs and challenges, and presented to us in a very succinct and unambiguous manner options towards a new and improved future. He is an excellent communicator who can take very complex ideas and summarize them into easily understood components and in layman terms. As he worked with our executives and spoke with our customers during the discovery phase his style was incredibly user-friendly, which was very well received. I find him of great value and have continued to engage him in subsequent phases of our journey.

Jim Schwartz, CEO. MGF Sourcing
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I've worked with Simon in a range of capacities and he always creates value.  As a global supply chain and logistics veteran, he has provided EmergeVest with proprietary insight in connection with a US$100 million leveraged buyout.  Eager to engage in management and operations, he has led complex business improvement programs, driving sizable results.  Serving on the boards of several global businesses, Simon has helped shape winning competitive strategies across industry sectors.  Simon brings a wealth of capabilities and experience to bear, spanning retail, supply chain, logistics, general management, business development and strategy.

Heath Zarin, Managing Director, EmergeVest 
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Karen Millen engaged Simon last year to provide a prognosis of the KM Supply Chain. Over the course of 2 months, Simon worked collectively within the Karen Millen team as well as the outsourced Distribution Providers. Simon produced an executive summary for the Karen Millen Leadership team encompassing all areas of the Supply Chain. The work and recommendations Simon provided was exceptionally valued and relevant. In particular, Simon highlighted cost saving measures and suggested efficiency improvements that the business incorporated into Short Term Action and Longer Term Strategy. Simon’s expertise within the International Supply Chain arena coupled with the understanding of Brand Equity was the key to the success of the project. We will endeavour to work with Simon again in the near future.

Nicola Carr-Matthews, Commercial Director, Karen Millen
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Simon is a multi-disciplined supply chain professional with global supply chain experience in areas such as Supply Chain Strategy, Operational Supply Chain and Logistics. He has the ability to hold a holistic view of a business’s objectives and match those to effective end to end supply chain strategy development, and is incredibly adept at taking complex supply chain problems, interpreting them and quickly identifying pragmatic solutions. Recent success has been focused on improved customer availability and reduced inventory through developing lead time optimisation programmes both for global and domestic supply chains.

Specialty Fashion Group, Alex Linton, General Manager - Logistics
Simon has brought us accelerated delivery of supply chain benefits as we look to improve our import supply chain. His understanding of what we need, what the options are and what the benefits will be are second to none. However, his biggest asset is in helping us get things done. By aligning Asda's processes with those of our vendors, our in country partners and our carriers he is able to DELIVER change..... fast

Gavin Chappell, Supply Chain Director, Asda Walmart
Simon has a unique blend of skills and front line experience which spans the supply chain from source to consumer. He understands that speed to market is critical in retailing today, and has a proven track record in creating and delivering supply chain agility.

Mike Mikkelborg, Founder and CEO, Catwalk88

Our Vision:

We are in the shareholder value business, we will be famous for the positive impact we make upon our customers profitability and return on capital employed.

Our Deliverables:

We help our customers make their supply chains quicker, simpler and cheaper by:
- Reducing Operating Costs
- Increasing Return on Investment
- Improving Customer Service